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Hello Sunflowers!

Have you ever been trapped on a train, danced on a bar, climbed Machu Picchu, camped in a tepee, in stables and sunflower tents, visited Chernobyl or been a nude model for a glitter photo shoot in a public space?

I’ve wanted to start this blog for a while to share my many many random adventures both professional and personal to give you an insight of what makes me passionate, what I find beautiful and how I spend my days…

Booroomba Rocks, 2019

My Story

This is my photography story in the teeniest of nutshells… Many moons ago (approximately 16 years eek I’m getting older) I took up film photography and fell in love with creating, capturing and manipulating images… unaware that this could really be a viable career path I went on to study and complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Visual Culture and a Masters of Education…

After travelling all over teaching ceramics, photography, drawing, painting, printing, english and even wood shop I decided I would refine my photography skills so I could more comfortably teach year 12 photography.

Now I’m not an academic, but there it is I went back to university. Two weeks into my new degree, I remembered all the things I was so passionate about all those years ago, capturing memories, creating images and really understanding peoples' stories et voila one year later here we are… I'm still pinching myself that I get to capture moments with my camera for a living!

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye on this page for all the stories!

Big love,

Ro xo

Photographer, Chaser of Silver Linings, Wanderess, Lover of Flannys & Sunflowers.

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