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Wilderness Adventures - Booroomba Rocks

So this post is completely by request... Shout out to Laura!

My favourite type of photography shoot is really to take people on a little adventure, get to know them really let them be whimsical and free in front of the camera in a wild location that they may not have been to before.

I love climbing mountains and being in Nature so when I'm talking about my favourite shoots I often use this one as an example...

The day began bright and early for this shoot, I picked up this stunner Kaitlyn and my lovely friend Rachel with a coffee to go and we drove out to Namadgi National Park. Armed with this amazing play suit under footy shorts and a hoodie we climbed the pretty steep steps up into the sky at Baroomba rocks stopping for a giggle and wiggle every so often.

The walk is always more difficult than I remember, but the difficulty is easily forgettable once I step out onto the rocks and look out into that open big sky!

This shoot was filled with laughs and fun and honestly I could hardly believe I was pressing the shutter on such beautiful imagery. The walk back to the car was leisurely and relaxed as we meandered down the winding steps stopping a couple of times when I saw a perfect spot for a photo.

And that's a wrap, with a few extra calories burned and some extra strength in our glutes we head home with some amazing memories!

Until next time...


Ro xo

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