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Hello Ro Photography

I’m a photographer currently based in my hometown of Canberra, but I do photoshoots all over the country and the world…

I love chasing the sun, watching the moon, driving with the windows down and wearing flannys with everything. I prefer being barefoot over shoes, face to face over phone or text, vinyl over Spotify, camping over a fancy hotel, a wine by an open fire pit and good conversation over a movie, dandelions over any flower you could buy at a florist and spontaneity over routine...


I live with my mate Jesse and his beautiful rescue pup Coco, but dream of converting a van and becoming a #vanlifer. Fun fact about me… I can fit all my belongings into my tiny car (a black Suzuki Jimny also known as Jimny Cricket) so I’m halfway there right? 


I couldn’t live without my favourite people in the world and am often travelling all over just to see their faces, I spend most weekends climbing mountains and doing yoga (but these activities make me sound way fitter than I actually am haha). I couldn’t live without music, good food, essential oils and the ocean…


I’m a minimalist and collect memories and experiences rather than things, and after many years capturing my own memories whilst travelling all over the planet I was inspired to become a photographer and capture the moments others want to cherish. I love seeing a moment, a connection and being able to convey that in an image for someone to take with them and have forever...



"I really like that when I look at these shots they remind me of the great time I had when I was there. Thanks for taking such raw and beautiful photos. You have a great eye for capturing moments."


"Thank you so so much for the photos! We have had a good look through them and we love them so much. You have been so wonderful to work with throughout the whole process. We are so impressed with your professionalism and the quality of the work you do. The photos are phenomenal!"