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Hello Ro Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Let's do it! How do I book a shoot with you? 

Yaaaaay!! All you have to do is get in touch with me to

get the ball rolling! Or email me at, or message me on Facebook

or Instagram at

Are you an inclusive photographer?

Yes. Yes. YES!! My sunflowers, I am LGBTIQ+ friendly and

love capturing LOVE. I want you and your lover to feel

amazing, exactly how you are.

How far are you willing to travel for a shoot? 

Anywhere guysss! I love to travel. I am currently based in

Canberra but who knows what the future holds. Anywhere within an hour of the CBD is included in my packaging. Anything outside of my base I may charge a

very minimal travel fee just to cover costs. I have friends around the world so more often than not I usually have a friend nearby I can crash with, to save on accommodation costs. If you’re unsure, just shoot me a message and we can chat

I know a great spot for a shoot but it's a bit of a walk... Are you up for it?

I am soooo keen!! Just send me a message with your idea and we can make it work! I love little adventures… let’s do it.

I have some questions about my upcoming wedding/event? Can we catch up? 

Absolutely! I know how frantic things can be before a big day, and I am alllll about making sure you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible in the lead up. If you just have a few questions (nothing too big or small!) just shoot me a message on insta or an email. If you’ve got a bit more to go through, let’s tee up a phone call or a video call so we can chat face to face (Facetime, zoom, Google Meet, Facebook… whatever floats your boat!). We can also absolutely catch-up face to face if we can make it work! From experience though, most people have pretty hectic lives and I have found that usually video calling is the easiest to find a time (and location hehe) that suits everybody and gets the nervousness out of the way before the big day.

Should I book an engagement session? 

If you’ve booked your wedding with me, first of all, ahhhh congratulations! Something a lot of couples like to do is book an engagement shoot with me. This lets everyone get to know each other, your partner relaxes and it doesn’t feel like a total stranger will be stalking you guys the whole day (I promise I’m very good at being subtle!!) It also gives me a bit of a head start on what you guys are like as a couple and lets me be as best prepared I can be for your big day.

How many pictures will I get?

How long is a piece of string? This completely depends on what we are shooting, where we are, how many outfits you want, how many locations you would like, what the weather is doing, if there are changes in the lighting, if it’s busy and people keep walking around, if you would like support with poses, if the kids / pets / partners / bridal party are behaving… the list goes on!!

What if I want more photos?

I always deliver every photo I can. I even sometimes include blurry photos if they show an important moment or capture a special memory. I can assure you that what I have delivered in your online gallery are all the photos you will want from your session or event.

What should I wear? 

Again, this depends on the day. Usually I say ‘anything comfortable’ but if you’re getting married, I recommend your suit or dress! Lol.


Otherwise, stick to the ‘comfortable’ recommendation. If you guys are a casual bunch, then go casual! If you want something a little more formal, go for it. Jeans, neutral colours, flowy dresses, block colours… it really doesn’t matter! The biggest thing to consider is the vibe you guys want, and make sure your outfit doesn’t overly clash with your partners (or family’s).


The only real advice is to try to stay away from things that are super short, especially if you’re planning on moving around a lot or sitting down and wear shoes you are comfy walking in!

But I have nothing to wear!!

That’s so fine I have a large collection of curated pieces in my client wardrobe designed to suit bodies of all shapes and sizes, including outfits, accessories and props. If you have a particular style in mind but don’t have the outfit, please send through a few images of what you’re hoping to achieve and we can make your vision come true!

How many outfits should I bring?

If it’s a couples, engagement or family shoot, just one is totally fine.


If it’s a family shoot with a newborn and you’d like a few outfits for your new addition, bring them along! Just let me know if there is a ‘must-have’ outfit before we get started.


For content creation or headshots, I recommend 2-3 outfits, depending on how long our session is.


For a Wilderness session… the world is your oyster! I’ve had people stay in one outfit, a few outfit changes, some ‘outfits’ are just paint… or glitter… Usually before these we have a chat about your vision for the day <3


I also have a number of pieces to suit all shapes and sizes in my curated client wardrobe for you to borrow during your shoot! Let me know what vibe you’re going for and I will help you style it!

Should I bring props?

If it means something to you, or if it will make you feel more comfy absolutely. This could be a baby crib, toy, sentimental jewelry or absolutely anything that warms your heart. Just give me a heads up before the day so that I can have a few ideas ready to go.

My partner hates photos, HALP!

Don’t worry, I got you. The reason I am so good at helping people feel relaxed in front of the camera is because I totally get it - I hate getting my picture taken too!! My style is journalistic and candid… this means we don’t spend heaps of time doing poses. You guys just do you, and I’m there in the background! What this looks like depends on the day. You could go for a walk, sit down with a picnic and have a chat, dance, hang out… it’s that easy. I definitely give you guys some starting tips and pointers if you want a hand, but it’ll be laidback.

Do I need to practice poses before my shoot or will you pose me? 

Only if there’s a certain pose you want me to capture! We usually roll with the flow of the day as a starting point. I help out with some suggestions, but I still am true to my signature style of being natural, journalistic and candid. If you have a particular vision in mind, I recommend creating a mood board with some inspiration images so I have a clear idea of what you are hoping for. Just start taking screenshots of what you love and pop it together into an album and send it to me!

What if it's raining, snowing, windy or a heatwave? 

In the lead up to your photoshoot, I keep an eye on the weather. If you’re worried, you can too!

If whatever the weather is doing is not your vibe, just keep in touch with me and message if you’re getting worried in the lead up. 

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Can you show me some examples of your work before I book you?

For sure! I have a bit here on my website, or you can check out my Instagram

If you are considering booking a wedding with me, please shoot me an email and I can send you a few previous wedding galleries to check out my work. I 100000% encourage all my couples to check out my previous wedding albums so that you are totally confident that my style is what you envision for how your day is captured.

I saw a few pics on insta I reeeeeally love, can you replicate them?

I love that you have an idea of the general style you are looking for! Send me some screenshots of what you like, I can definitely let you know if that is something we can achieve together just remember, while it is totally okay to be inspired, I will not be copying someone else’s work exactly. You are better off booking in with them if that is the style you prefer - no judgment here!

Are you a professional photo editor too, or do you just do a batch filter on your photos?

Absolutely I am a professional. Every photographer has their own method, but I can reassure you that my signature editing style is a timely process that includes looking at every single image and editing them ready for you <3

If quals are more your thing, on top of my fifteenish years experience… I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (majoring in print media), Masters in Secondary Education (teaching photography and graphic design) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Photography and Digital Imaging.

Do you edit with black and white?

When it suits the mood of the image, I absolutely do! You’ll often find in your album a few duplicates, where I’ve loved the picture with my signature style but thought the B&W edit gave it a bit of an extra something something…

If you get your album back and there’s a picture in there you’re dying to see in B&W, just let me know and I’ll do my best to make it work! <3

Do you photoshop or airbrush images to make them perfect?

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Can I post your pics on social media?

Absolutely!! I just ask that you don’t add any additional filters or edits to my images.

Who owns my pictures?

Like almost all photographers, I retain the copyright to any images I capture. In saying this, you are able to share and use these pictures for personal use. This includes sharing them on social media, printing them, posting them to your nana for her birthday… whatever!


If you are wanting to book a commercial shoot with me where you can make commercial gains from my work, please let me know that is the intention of the shoot and I will refer you to the correct package <3

Can I have the RAWs so I can do my own editing?

Put simply, no.


My packages include providing the best images edited with my signature style, because to me, I am providing you with my art, not just the service of taking basic images. Along with supporting you to feel super comfortable, natural posing, lighting, angles and many other things that I work with when shooting with you, part of my work is my editing style.


If you want to edit your photographs, that is totally okay! But I recommend you look for an alternative photographer as this is not a service that I provide.

What if I don’t like my photos?

While I work super hard to ensure everything goes smoothly, I know sometimes things don’t come out the way we wanted. If this happens, I will work with you - I want you to love your pictures! <3

A great way to avoid disappointment is to communicate with me beforehand! Send me any worries you have, inspiration pics and anything else you think will help before the day.

So, tell me about this non-refundable deposit…

When you email me and tell me you’d like to book me, first I do the happy dance!


Then, I will probably email you back and confirm the date you’d like. Once you confirm, I will email you a contract, quote and link to pay the non-refundable deposit (50%). Once I receive the deposit, your booking is secured!


I’m pretty flexible with rescheduling, but please know when you book - this is a non-refundable deposit.

Why is it non-refundable?

While I hate having to justify these things, sometimes people need a reminder of why other people deserve a livable wage.

I am a small business. When you book with me, your date is totally secured with the non-refundable deposit. This means that I say no to any other enquiries for that day.


Admin takes time. Replying to emails, sending quotes / contracts, scouting a location for our shoot, talking to vendors who are also working with you…

The usual ‘small business’ stuff that costs money. Insurance. Equipment. Fuel (and a car) to get to our shoots. Professional Development. Program Subscriptions. Tax. Superannuation. All the fun stuff.


Also, I love paying rent and eating food!

Eeep, I need to reschedule. What do we do?

Totally fine! If you provide me with more than 24 hours notice, the deposit is transferable to another date. I recommend touching base with me about the new dates as soon as possible though! If I am already booked and you are not flexible with booking to a date I am available, just a friendly reminder your deposit is non-refundable. I’m happy to hold it for another upcoming photoshoot! Unfortunately if you provide less than 24 hours notice, I may not be able to accommodate the rescheduled date and this will be considered a cancelled session and the non-refundable deposit will be forfeited.

I need to cancel our shoot completely. What next?

Oooh, that’s okay I totally understand. If you’re sad about the cancellation, shoot me a message! While your deposit is non-refundable, I can hold it for another upcoming photoshoot if you’d like to book something else in the future, just let me know at the time.

What’s the deal if we’re affected by COVID?

Ooooh boy, the 2020’s, what a time to be alive!


To keep things nice and clear, I’ve popped our COVID-19 IMPACT section of our contract here.


In the event of COVID-19 illness or restrictions directly impacting the CLIENT’S ability to attend the event (bride, groom or bridal party), the COMPANY will facilitate a complimentary reschedule on ONE occasion. Any future rescheduling without a rescheduling fee is at the discretion of the COMPANY. In the event that the COMPANY is unavailable on the rescheduled date, the COMPANY will provide a full refund of the deposit and assist the CLIENT in sourcing an alternate photographer for the event.

You’re capturing our wedding day. What communication should I expect from you?

As much or as little as you like!


Obviously, we chat a bit when you first book me (eeeek how exciting!)


Then, about six weeks before your wedding I will send you an online questionnaire asking about allllll the little details on the day. If you are super organised and would like the questionnaire sooner (first of all - you’re amazing), just shoot me an email and I’ll send it through when you’d like it!


From here, we probably will email or call a little bit just clarifying the final details before your big day <3

Is one photographer enough or should I hire a second shooter?

Small to midsize events are my jam! One of me should be more than enough. If there are more than 150 people, or you want different angles of the same moments captured, then we might chat about what you are looking for from a photographer and discuss the potential of adding a second shooter.

How long will it take before you send through my album?

Two weeks! I try to send a sneak peak within a few days though.

Why do you send a sneak peak?

There are a few reasons! Firstly, usually you guys are super excited to see the pictures so I like to make you happy <3


Next, it also opens communication for us to chat if you’re unsure about something from the shoot! Maybe the edit in the sneak peak isn’t the vibe you were expecting. If you’re unsure, please let me know straight away! I want to make sure you love your photos, and that includes the editing process.

Can you arrange prints for me?

Yes! When you receive your online gallery there is an online print store so you can purchase, fine art prints, canvases, regular photo prints directly, once you order I work with the professional printing lab to have these high quality prints delivered to you directly.

That’s great but probably out of my budget. Can I print my own pictures?

Yesss! You receive all the best images edited and available to download as high-resolution files. You can print as many pictures as you like, go crazy x

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes! Absolutely!

Do you do intimate shoots?

Yessss, I do. I am completely body positive and love encouraging every human to feel incredible in their skin.

I can do more traditional boudoir shots (with a more natural, moody edge), couple shoots or a cheeky Wilderness session outside! If you have an idea, the best thing to do is message me. There’s nothing too wild for me (so far, anyway!)

What is a Wilderness session?

They are a bit more of an experience that is tailored between you and I. Basically, we pack up and go on a little adventure! Through the forest, at the beach… wherever the wind takes us. These shoots are about being free to be yourself. They can be solo adventures, or with a few friends to celebrate life, or even a cute date idea.

Do you organise hair and make up?

Not usually, but I know some amazingly talented artists I can ask to join us!

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